Week Three: Writing the Legends

Bring It All Together

I read an English fairy tale called Three Feathers. The main character started off as a normal wife with a husband that she never saw. She was curious about her husband and created a way to see him, then the story takes a turn. Her husband was a human but after she saw him, he turned into a bird. She was then given a task to complete that would turn her husband back into a human. She was given three feathers by her husband and sent to work as a laundry maid for seven year years, The feathers were magical and helped her get out of many different situation. In the end she ended up going to a castle and living happy ever after.

This story has the characteristics that were described in the video. It starts with and average situation then something happens to change the average into below average. The character soon lives below the standards she was used to living. As most fairytales, she lives happy ever after in the castle.

This story kept my attention because I was curious how she was going to use the feathers. In the story, she gets herself into several situations that require her to use her feathers. There was a sense of mystery in this story that kept me wanting more details about the main character. I knew she would live happy ever after but I was curious about how she go to her happy ever after. 

Create a Character

My character’s name is Fiery Dragon. She is a storyteller, her stories my not always be true. The stories she shares are about myths and legends that have been passed down from generations. As far has she is concerned, there is always time for a story and she has a story to tell about every situation. Some of her stories have a moral to them and some of them are just plain garbage that she has made up to fit the current situation. What makes her an interesting, is her passion and spirit that she uses to tell her stories. Be aware that you do not want to get on her bad side, she is quick tempered and can be very aggressive. For the most part she is determined to spread joy and happiness to all that she meets.

Writing Assignments = 10 Stars Required

Sharing Credit 4 Stars

Instructions: This is an assignment for two or more people.   It’s very simple: Take turns writing a collaborative story via email, each writing a minimum of 4 times.  Have fun with it!

Mom: One day, there was a very strange weather report that said…..

Daughter: “Everyone stay inside! There is a volcano warning for this afternoon.”

Mom: It was a very strange weather report because we don’t live near any volcanos!! The radio station must be from another country.

Daughter: That is when they realized, they had taken the wrong radio by accident.

Mom: how could I have been so careless and taken the wrong radio? Who has my radio?

Daughter: So the mom of the group decided to go on a little adventure to find her radio and switch for the one she had.

Mom: The mom loaded up the kids in the van and packed plenty of snacks for their adventure.

Daughter: She decided to drive to France, because that’s when she last listened to her real radio.

Mom: Then she woke up and realized it was only a dream. The end.


10 Seconds of Thanks 2 ½ Stars

Using a timer, write what you’re thankful for in just 10 seconds! Anything and everything that you can think of being thankful for is fair game, but stop at 10 seconds. 2. Share what you’ve written on a blog, wiki, or some other digital space that others can comment on. 3. Bonus! Complete a 10 second drawing of yourself to accompany your writing, inspired by the November 19th, 2012 Daily Create!

  1. My family and friends.
  2. Thankful I get to go to college at UMW.
  3. My fur babies.

What’s in a name? 2 Stars

Write a blog in which you tell us something, anything, about either your given names or your blog name(s).

I decided to use my name for this writing assignment. My first name is Julie.  My mother named me after a character on her favorite daytime TV show called Days of Our Lives. I looked up may name in the Urban dictionary and I am not sure this really describes who I am but I found it to be very interesting. I have posted the Urban Dictionary definition below:

A beautiful, bold girl who is so unbelievably loyal and talented that she outshines anyone in the vicinity. A girl who’s unique tastes and forms of expression are so remarkable and extraordinary that you hardly even know what to do with yourself and have no doubt that she more than likely invented the word ‘flabbergasted’. A girl who is always overlooked but never ignored once found. She blends in so well with everything around her that she doesn’t disturb anyone or anything. Akin to mother nature, she’s the one who brings life and wonder to all without them even realizing it. She’s so carefree and happy that anyone’s laughter, compared to hers, isn’t as sincere.

For the special few that dare go outside of the box, that dare not walk the line, that dare to even try to think unique… You’ll finally see her and she’ll never leave your side. Every moment is bliss and even though you long to introduce her to every single other person on the face of the planet… She’s so shy that she’ll hide in your shadow and rather not be seen. She doesn’t know how honestly beautiful and intelligent she is. She doesn’t dare call attention to herself and is simply happy having a few very close friends.

Julie is simply too amazing and her love is endless. And the love shown back for her is tenfold.

Holifaves 2 ½ Stars

While we’re in a long string of Holiday seasons, lets keep things a little festive. For this assignment you are to write about your favorite holiday. Be as descriptive as possible. What makes it your favorite? Is there a special memory attached to it? What smells or sounds remind you of it?

If I had to pick one holiday, it would have to be Christmas. There is just something about Christmas that is magical for me. The Christmas tree in the family room all decorated with ornaments my kids and I have made, and a few of our favorite store bought ornaments. The tree lights are white and reflect off all the ornaments and the window that the tree sits beside. I can’t forget the fireplace that is in the middle of the room beside the tree. Christmas has a new meaning now that I have children, there is nothing like experiencing Christmas through the eyes of a child.

Christmas Day my house is filled with the smell of the fireplace and the ham in the oven. The smells fill the house with holiday cheer. Christmas Dinner is always a big production at my house and I love that about Christmas. It is something that my family looks forward to after all the gifts are opened from Santa. Christmas is magical if you believe in magic.

Every year I wish for a very snowy Christmas, but my wish doesn’t always come true. Christmas is still magical because of the people who share the holiday with me.

Daily Creates

12 September Award Somebody a Badge Today

13 September Gremlins

14 September Lunch Art

This weeks assignments were fun. I did struggled a little with the writing part of this assignment. I do not consider myself a good writing. I enjoyed reading the fairy tales this week, it was hard to pick one to write about. The daily creates were a fun challenge. My daughter liked the “Lunch Art”, when I was finished it became her lunch. I do know I still need to work on  commenting on my classmates work. Looking forward to week 4.


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