Week 8 Summary

Daily Creates

As the old New Yorker cartoon goes, “On the Internet, nobody knows you are a dog.” For today’s Daily Create, imagine what a tech savvy dog would do with its online access.

If my dog had access to the internet, he would order his favorite dog treats, steak and french fries. It is scary to think of all the food and dog toys my dog would order online. If he is smart enough to search the web and place and order, I hope he is smart enough to have a job to pay for all his new toys and food.

Future. Make an image that represents the potential of things to come.

I have learned that your future is yours to create. Planning and achieving goals now will help to create an incredible future. This is one of the many reasons I have returned to school to get  a masters in elementary education.

Who did it?

This was a big deal in the 1980’s. Who shot JR? I remember when this show was on the air. It was a big mystery that everyone was talking about. There were all sorts of items printed with the slogan “Who Shot JR?”.

This is my groups radio broadcast. The group I was in used a slack channel to communicate with each other. The time was divided up among the group members. We all made bumpers and created a story about our character. We posted all of this in the slack group. When everyone posted all of their recordings, the individual parts were combined into a radio broadcast. Communication was a key factor in making this broadcast come to life.  Everyone in my group worked hard and did a great job making this broadcast. I hope everyone who listens to this radio show enjoys it.

This week I learned more about voice recording  and what all goes into a radio broadcast. I was not looking forward to this group project, but I was pleasantly surprise with how this group project was done. I got to work with a group of talented students who all worked together to get this project completed. I am fortunate to have been in a group of hard working students.

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