week 10 Weekly Summary

Daily Creates

This week I was only required to do 2 daily creates. This is my favorite quick and  creative moments of the week. I look forward to seeing the daily creates every day. Below is the link to the daily creates for this week.


Video Assignments

This week I have 2 choices for the video assignments, I could work by myself and do 12 stars worth of assignments from the Video assignment bank or form/join a group and make a video story. I didn’t see any groups forming so I did the 12 stars from the assignment bank. I spent several hours try to pick the right assignments to do. I know I do need more practice in the video making department but I did try new things and had fun. The below link is to the blog post about the assignments I completed this week.


Video Essay

This assignment scared me when I read it, it scared me the whole time I was completing it. It did get done but there is a lot of room for improvement. I did learn some new things about why and  how movies are filmed. I understand how the importance of the angle of the camera is and the background/foreground is presented. I will now be looking for these things in the movies and TV shows  I watch. I did learned a lot from this assignment. The following link will take you to my video essay blog.


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