Web Assignments Week 9


Create Your Dream Vacation On Pinterest!    3 1/2 Stars

My dream vacation would be going to beaches around the world. I believe beaches are a very calming and relaxing place to visit. This is a collection of pictures of beaches all around the world. Plenty of different furniture styles for groups gatherings and also some alone time seating. I have also included a few pictures of fun foods and interesting drinks. This board really makes me want to take a trip to the beach.

This is the link to my Pinterest board. Its all about vacations at the beach and some fun beach foods.


Create Your Own Room      4 1/2   Stars

I created a sewing room. It will have to be a huge room because I have a lot of items on this board. I have picked out wall decorations with a sewing theme, buttons and framed patterns. Plenty of storage options to hold all of the wonderful sewing gadgets and beautiful fabrics.A selection of tables to stretch out my projects, I like plenty table room to lay my projects on. I still need to find some furniture, maybe a small sitting area for hand work or a mini kitchen. I hope you enjoy looking at my Dream Sewing Room.

Here is the link to my Dream Sewing Room Board.


Google Draw Something       2 1/2 Star

This is a fun and interesting way to draw. My drawing skills are not the greatest on the laptop. I might have done a little better if I had used a computer mouse. This is something i have done a lot of, its a fun way to be creative without the creative mess. I will definitely use this website in my classroom. It is fun for any age. Thanks Google Draw!!




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