Storytelling Within the Web Week 9

 Storytelling Within the Web assignment

This assignment introduced a new web tool, Mozzilla X-Ray Googles Tool. This allowed me to change a current website without having to learn coding. I was able to see how the website was constructed and make changes. Starting out with this tool was somewhat difficult for me but after playing with it a few times, I finally figured it out. I tried amazon sale items, craigslist items and then I finally found a book review that turned out the way I visioned it.

Small steps, I took my time and made changes one small section at a time. This way I could see the changes without getting overwhelmed if I didn’t like the changes. It was easier to modify small changes than it was to modify large sections. Maybe I have created a fictional best selling cookbook for Dragons.

I tried to tie this into my character that I have been creating all semester. I do believe that Fiery the Dragon would enjoy this Dragon Cookbook. It would help her to create amazing Dragon dinners for her and her relatives.

Here is a screenshot of the original book review page:

Here is the link to my version of this book review.

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