Final Project Part 1

Radio Show,  How To Craft Video, and a Series of Images.

The first part of my project will be a mini radio show. This radio show will be for young students. I would like to tell  a holiday story, a few holiday kids jokes or riddles. I will add bumpers and a commercial or two. I would like to add music between each segment. I will be using Audacity to edit all the sound tracks and hopefully make one continuous track. I will post the final product on SoundCloud.

The second part of the project will be a how to video. This video will explain how to do a craft related to the story in the mini radio show. I have several ideas for the craft but need to narrow it down to one or possibly two. This final product will be posted on my YouTube channel.

The final part of this project will be a Series of images. I am thinking about images that relate to the holiday story, maybe images from around the world.  I would really like to do a story about Christmas and then I can get images of the way people celebrate Christmas around the world. I will put the final product on my YouTube channel.

I want to keep this project on an elementary level, since I am going to be a teacher. I still need to write or pick out a story to tell, not sure which way to go on this. Once I figure this out then the craft will be picked out and the video will be made. I will have to do some research to find the images for the final part of this project. I would like to add music to the series of images. When all three parts are completed, I will embed them in a blog post and write a summary about the process.


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