Design Summary Week 6

This week was all about design. Daily creates were a lot of fun as usual. I did struggle with “Yourself As A Classic TV Star”, this was my biggest challenge this week. I had never put my face on someones¬† body in a picture.¬† The design category left me spending more time on the internet than usual. Trying to settle on one way to make a word cloud and maze. I did learn that there are many free sites to create word clouds, postcards, mazes and logos. These are ideas that I will keep and use in my future classroom. I am not just learning about digital storytelling, I am also learning new things that I will be able to use in my future classrooms.

I am starting to analyze the graphic designs in my life. The fonts, colors, symbols, balance and proportion just to name a few. This weeks lessons have taught me to look at things deeper than just face value. This has been another fun week in digital storytelling.

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