Daily Creates for Week 9

The real story behind this weeks Daily Creates. This is my favorite dog, his name is Taco. After I went to school, he decided to get on my laptop and explore the web. He is very creative and likes to create things online.

While Taco was searching the web for Halloween crafts, he came across this web page where he could make monsters. It sounded like a fun thing to do but, Taco learned to use the printer and printed out every monster he created. Instead of putting the pictures in a notebook, he glued them to the wall!! I was not very happy when I came home form school and my walls were plastered in creepy monsters.

After Taco plastered my walls with monsters, he went looking for pumpkin patterns. This year Taco decided he was going to help carve pumpkins. He wanted to get a head start and began looking for patterns for his pumpkins. He probably spent way to many hours looking at carved pumpkins. When I came home from class, I found these two pumpkins on my doorstep. Inside, the kitchen was a mess from pumpkin guts all over the place. There was not a clean spot in the kitchen, pumpkin guts were everywhere!!

It had been a long day for Taco and he wanted a hug. He searched online for human hugs and found the picture below!!! Free Hugs, it sounded nice until he noticed the chainsaw. Taco no longer wanted any hugs. Can you blame him? He needed to get this awful picture out of his mind. So he searched the web and found…..

These lovely ladies. He knew they could cast a spell on the red chainsaw guy and make him disappear. 1……2…..3….poof, the red chainsaw guy was gone!! Taco was once again happy and felt safe inside his home. He had a busy day and was tired. Taco got this favorite pillow and blanket, then curled in his favorite corner of the couch and slept.

I hope you have enjoyed the adventure of a very smart and curious dog named Taco. Thanks for reading.

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