Week 12 Remix

For both of these remixes I used Canva to edit the photos I found online. I use photos online because I do not want to put pictures of my family on my school website. This was a fun assignment once I figured out what I was doing.

First remix, add a character to your favorite photo.

My remix, the pet rabbit is sitting in the cozy chair by the fire. I don’t like the family pet in my beautiful Christmas tree photo.

Second remix:Your Parents Don’t Want You Seeing This.

My remix photo. Parents don’t want you to know what they wore or what they did at the beach. This is a group of picture of parents at the beach as teenagers. These parents don’t want their kids to see them during their younger years.

week 10 Weekly Summary

Daily Creates

This week I was only required to do 2 daily creates. This is my favorite quick and  creative moments of the week. I look forward to seeing the daily creates every day. Below is the link to the daily creates for this week.


Video Assignments

This week I have 2 choices for the video assignments, I could work by myself and do 12 stars worth of assignments from the Video assignment bank or form/join a group and make a video story. I didn’t see any groups forming so I did the 12 stars from the assignment bank. I spent several hours try to pick the right assignments to do. I know I do need more practice in the video making department but I did try new things and had fun. The below link is to the blog post about the assignments I completed this week.


Video Essay

This assignment scared me when I read it, it scared me the whole time I was completing it. It did get done but there is a lot of room for improvement. I did learn some new things about why and  how movies are filmed. I understand how the importance of the angle of the camera is and the background/foreground is presented. I will now be looking for these things in the movies and TV shows  I watch. I did learned a lot from this assignment. The following link will take you to my video essay blog.


Week 9 Summary

This week I got to hear my groups radio broadcast online. It was really strange to hear my voice on air. For some odd reason I felt like I was listening to it for the very first time, but I wasn’t. It was magical the way the characters came to  life. Unfortunately, I lost my voice and was not able to go live and talk about my groups radio broadcast. I was fortunate to work with a group of caring and talented students.

Web Storytelling, this was my biggest challenge this week. I had issues learning to use Mozilla X-Ray Goggles tool. After playing with it for a while, I finally figured it out. It was hard to pick a website to remix, but I finally found a book review that worked for me. You can read and see my creative remix at the following link:


Connected Daily Creates, I was not sure if I was going to be able to connect my daily creates this week. After sitting a starring at all four of them, a story did develop using the four daily creates that I did. I really like the Halloween theme this week. I enjoy doing the Daily Creates, they are like a brain break from studying. They are short and simple to create and make me feel like I have done something interesting. You can read my Connected Daily Creates story at the following link:


Web Assignments, I did complete 10 Stars worth of assignments this week. I created  two Pinterest boards. I created a board for a Dream Vacation to beaches around the world. This board also has furniture and beach snacks. Then I created a board for my dream sewing room. While I was creating my dream sewing room, I wanted to actually go to my sewing room to rearrange and reorganize my sewing supplies. Finally, I did Google Draw Something. This is a sight that I shared with my children so they could be creative and draw something without having to get all the supplies out. Here is the link to my Web Assignments blog post:


This was another fun and interesting week in digital storytelling. It is now time to look at week 10.


Weekly Summary – Week 4 – Picture the Myth

This week was about the photography, the visual side of digital storytelling. I analyzed my photography skills. My photography skill have plenty of room for improvements. I did have to look online for collage building sites. it was fun looking at all the different types of collages. I enjoyed making the digital collages. The visual assignments did cause me a few problems but my creative side did help.

Daily created where fun and didn’t take a long time to finish. My favorite one was the Doomsday Shelter. There were so many pictures and articles on the internet.

20 minute Photoblitz was a challenge and took some fast creative thinking to produce the pictures. This is an activity I would like to use in my elementary classroom when I become a teacher. There are so many ways this could be used in the classroom.

Another fun week of assignments in Digital Storytelling.

Week One Summary

In week one, I had to set up the following digital media sites: a blog, YouTube, twitter , soundcloud, Instagram and slack. It has definitely been a learning experience for me. Facebook was the only social media I have ever used but all that changed this week. The only new account I made this week that was “new to me” was Soundcloud, never heard of it until this week.
This week challenges. I had a domain but did not know how to add the subdomain and got frustrated and needed help. I went to the Digital Knowledge Center on Thursday and the UMW WiFi was down and I was not able to get into my account. Three hours later the wifi/server issues was fixed and my subdomain was up and running, thanks to the help from a DKC student. Needless to say, no WiFi/server on campus was very frustrating. This is what drove me crazy this week, I was in panic mode.
Getting connected to slack was the easiest task for me this week. I have never put any video up on youtube and was concerend I would have trouble, it did take some time but I did get the video loaded to my youtube channel. Soundcloud was a new challenge for me as well. I did figure out how to make a voice file and upload it, thanks to help from a family member. Twitter and Instagram where the easiest for me to set up this week, they were less stressful and less confusing. I will be working on my accounts/sites to add pictures and more detail, this is just the beginning.