Week 12 Summary

Daily Creates for this week, must complete  at least two for the week. This week I did two of the Daily Creates. I did the Cartoon Caption and Celebrate 2500. The Cartoon Caption reminded me of a Christmas movie. Celebrate 2500 reminded me of a game I played with young students, we used nickels to make 25 cents. The following link has my daily creates.


Mashup Assignments

I did Logo Switch using Canva to merge together the McDonald logo and a pizza from Pizza Hut. Unfortunately I could not figure out how to put the logo closer to the pizza. When i put the pizza behind the logo, it was a big mess and not very nice looking.

Holiday Mashup was my favorite out of all the mashups I did this week. I used my character I created for the class, red Santa hat for Christmas, Easter basket full of eggs for Easter and the flag for the 4th of July. I used Canva for this mashup. I had to resize the holiday items to fit the dragon. It was a trial and error type process. I am pleased with the final product.

Mashing Friends and Emojis, I used my favorite emoji and a picture I found on the internet. I didn’t have any friends who wanted to be on my blog and I do not put pictures of my family on the internet. I used Canva to place the pictures side by side. I did have to resize the emoji picture  because it was twice the size I needed.

The @Iam TalkyTina Headswap. I used Faceover Lite phone app to put the face of Talking Tina on Albert Einsteins picture. It was a small challenge to make the face seem natural, the hair blends in nicely for a mashup picture. It did take several tries to get just the face of Tina sma11 enough for the final picture.

Here is the link to my Mashups:


Remix,  it was a challenge to find a remix that I liked and made some sense. I added a character to my favorite photo, the family pet rabbit. I also did this using Canva. The rabbit was a challenge because I had to resize him several times. I am happy with the final picture.

Second remix was, Your Parents Don’t Want You Seeing This. I also used Canva to create the scrapbook type photo. I had to resixe all the photos so they would fit the shape. I found photos on the internet to use on this assignment.


Tutorial, I decided to share how I did a face swap using a phone app called Faceover Lite. This is a free app that is really easy to use. Below you will find the link to my tutorial blog post.



Week 12 Tutorial

Tutorial for The @IamTalkyTina Headswap.

For this assignment I used a phone app called Faceover Lite. I saved the two photos I wanted to use. Then, I imported both photos into the app. Used the selection tool over the face and copied it. You can adjust the selection tool over the face and paste or swap the copied face onto the second photo. You can then save the modified photo and share it on your social medial sites. In my case I saved the photo and posted it in my blog post. This app is free. It is really simple to use.