Week 11 Video Assignments


This week I will be sharing a more personal side of my character Fiery the Dragon. She has chosen to share her pets, her favorite season/ holiday and a few make – up tips. You will discover that she is just your average dragon. Lets get started. Below you will find some videos of her favorite things.

Pupper Appreciation      2 Stars

This is one of Fireys pets, Taco. He is a small dog full of fun and loves to listen to her stories. He follows Firey around wherever she goes. He is a good companion and keep her company when she is alone. There are so many good photos of Taco, it was hard to pick just a few for this video. Also, Taco has learned how to stay away from Fireys uncontrollable fires. Below you will find the short video of Taco, enjoy.

A Word… A Picture… A Story      4 stars

This is one of Fireys favorite times of the year. She loves the winter months full of snow. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because that is when all the family has come home to celebrate the season. This is also when she tells story after story about Christmas gatherings from the past.

Im A Girl       2 1/2  Stars

Make- up, a girls best friend. Firey is all girl when it comes to her make – up. She has a different look for every occasion. She loves trying new styles as well as using older techniques. So if you ever see a dragon with wild make up on, you will know it is Firey. This video show a few of her favorite looks.


1 Second Video    2 Stars

Firey also has a pet cat named Smokey, he is a rescue cat. She got Smokey when he was 2 maybe 3 days old. He had to be bottle fed, his eyes were not opened yet, he was all white and she didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl. Smokey loves to roll around on Fireys bed every morning. This cat is full of energy and runs around and plays with Taco all day. They make a mess but Firey loves watching them play together. 

What Do You Love       2 Stars

Quilts. You can never have to many quilts. These are just a few that she keeps around for story time. Her friends and family can use them to curl up in while she tells stories. The quilts are also used by the campfire for campfire stories.  Quilts keep you warm and surround you with love and that’s what makes them perfect for listening to one of Fireys stories.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Firey the Dragon a little better.