Final Project

The final project required me to use at least three different media forms to tell a story. I wanted to create something that young children would enjoy listening to, watching and something creative for them to do. My project consist of a 7-8 min radio show that includes  a story, 2 poems and some riddles. Also there is a “how to video” of a fun little craft. The last media form I used was a mini movie of pictures set to music. I picked a winter holiday theme because I love the magic of Christmas.

The radio show. I created 8 individual tracks over several days and then combined them using audacity. It took me several tries to edit out the silent spots. It was a challenge to make this radio show go smoothly and I am pleased with the results. I read the story “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore, one of my favorite Christmas stories. There are two poems, “Christmas Long Ago” by Jo Geis and “When Santa Claus Comes” author unknown. The last section is riddles for children because this was made for children to enjoy. Audacity was a challenge to learn but I am getting better at using it and  I will use it to be creative after this class ends.

The second part of this project is a ‘how to” video. I decided to make a count down to Christmas calendar. Kids like to cut, paint, draw, glue and use glitter.  After listening to the radio show, they will have something to create that will help them count down the days until Santa Clause comes to town. I used my cell phone to make the video and it took several tries to get a video that I liked. I love to be creative and make things, so this was really fun for me.

The last part of this is a visual that include several images of Santa Clause. These images are of Santa Clauses from around the world. This give the kids a chance to see what Santa looks like in other parts of the world. I did some research and found images online. When I had my images, I imported them into iMove and edited them to show the best parts of the images. The images wee all times for the same amount of screen time. music was needed to ties all the images together so I found a instrumental Christmas song and added it to the iMove.

Looking back on this semester in Digital Storytelling. This was a course that was full of new information and learning experiences for me. I took this class because I wanted to be able to tell stories in the digital world. This class will help my when I become a teacher, I will be able to use my new knowledge to create interesting things for my students to have in class.  At the end of the school year I will be able to make a video using pictures of my students, our special occasions and fun activities that we have done during our year together. It will be a digital documentation of our year together.

Here is my final project, in 3 parts. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it.



Final Project Part 1

Radio Show,  How To Craft Video, and a Series of Images.

The first part of my project will be a mini radio show. This radio show will be for young students. I would like to tell  a holiday story, a few holiday kids jokes or riddles. I will add bumpers and a commercial or two. I would like to add music between each segment. I will be using Audacity to edit all the sound tracks and hopefully make one continuous track. I will post the final product on SoundCloud.

The second part of the project will be a how to video. This video will explain how to do a craft related to the story in the mini radio show. I have several ideas for the craft but need to narrow it down to one or possibly two. This final product will be posted on my YouTube channel.

The final part of this project will be a Series of images. I am thinking about images that relate to the holiday story, maybe images from around the world.  I would really like to do a story about Christmas and then I can get images of the way people celebrate Christmas around the world. I will put the final product on my YouTube channel.

I want to keep this project on an elementary level, since I am going to be a teacher. I still need to write or pick out a story to tell, not sure which way to go on this. Once I figure this out then the craft will be picked out and the video will be made. I will have to do some research to find the images for the final part of this project. I would like to add music to the series of images. When all three parts are completed, I will embed them in a blog post and write a summary about the process.


Week 12 Summary

Daily Creates for this week, must complete  at least two for the week. This week I did two of the Daily Creates. I did the Cartoon Caption and Celebrate 2500. The Cartoon Caption reminded me of a Christmas movie. Celebrate 2500 reminded me of a game I played with young students, we used nickels to make 25 cents. The following link has my daily creates.

Mashup Assignments

I did Logo Switch using Canva to merge together the McDonald logo and a pizza from Pizza Hut. Unfortunately I could not figure out how to put the logo closer to the pizza. When i put the pizza behind the logo, it was a big mess and not very nice looking.

Holiday Mashup was my favorite out of all the mashups I did this week. I used my character I created for the class, red Santa hat for Christmas, Easter basket full of eggs for Easter and the flag for the 4th of July. I used Canva for this mashup. I had to resize the holiday items to fit the dragon. It was a trial and error type process. I am pleased with the final product.

Mashing Friends and Emojis, I used my favorite emoji and a picture I found on the internet. I didn’t have any friends who wanted to be on my blog and I do not put pictures of my family on the internet. I used Canva to place the pictures side by side. I did have to resize the emoji picture  because it was twice the size I needed.

The @Iam TalkyTina Headswap. I used Faceover Lite phone app to put the face of Talking Tina on Albert Einsteins picture. It was a small challenge to make the face seem natural, the hair blends in nicely for a mashup picture. It did take several tries to get just the face of Tina sma11 enough for the final picture.

Here is the link to my Mashups:

Remix,  it was a challenge to find a remix that I liked and made some sense. I added a character to my favorite photo, the family pet rabbit. I also did this using Canva. The rabbit was a challenge because I had to resize him several times. I am happy with the final picture.

Second remix was, Your Parents Don’t Want You Seeing This. I also used Canva to create the scrapbook type photo. I had to resixe all the photos so they would fit the shape. I found photos on the internet to use on this assignment.

Tutorial, I decided to share how I did a face swap using a phone app called Faceover Lite. This is a free app that is really easy to use. Below you will find the link to my tutorial blog post.


Week 12 Tutorial

Tutorial for The @IamTalkyTina Headswap.

For this assignment I used a phone app called Faceover Lite. I saved the two photos I wanted to use. Then, I imported both photos into the app. Used the selection tool over the face and copied it. You can adjust the selection tool over the face and paste or swap the copied face onto the second photo. You can then save the modified photo and share it on your social medial sites. In my case I saved the photo and posted it in my blog post. This app is free. It is really simple to use.

Week 12 Daily Creates

First Daily Create of week 12. For this assignment, I was suppose to caption this New Yorker cartoon. The person dressed up as a bunny reminded me of the movie A Christmas Story where Ralphie is dressed in a Halloween costume as a pink bunny.

Celebrating 25 with ds106 create. The first thing I thought of was a game I played with some young students. We skip counted using nickels and placed small foam circles on the correct answer on the game board. I had a lot of fun playing this game with the students. Yes, I found the spelling mistake the day after I posted this tweet.


Week 11 Weekly Summary

Daily Creates

I think the flat earth was my favorite Daily create of this week. It was fun taking a trip down memory lane for the Distant Memory Daily Create. I had a hard time picking a memory to share this week. Below is the link to all  of the Daily Creates I did this week.

12 Stars of Video Assignments

This week I tried to do assignments that related to my character. It was a challenge but my imagination started working and I am happy with the results. I did learn to use imovie better and even added some music. I did figure out how to adjust the pictures. I know I still have room for improvement. The pets in the videos are pictures of my dog Taco and a short video clip of my cat Smokey. The video clip of Smokey had to be edited to 1 second then put into the imovie program.This week I have learned more about video editing and I am happy with the progress I have made this week. Below yo will find the link to all my visoe for the week. i hope you enjoy them.


Week 11 Daily Creates

3 Daily Creates for this week.

What would a flat earth be like? Does stuff just fall of the edge or is there a giant fence to hold things on earth. I have never given much thought to the idea of a flat earth. Interesting question.

Design a commemorative coin. I designed a coin for the College of Education at UMW.  Something special for graduating students to remember where they got their start as a teacher.

Distant memory was a challenge because I have so many childhood memories of the different places that I have lived. I still remember being very cold during the winter that I lived in Washington State.


week 10 Weekly Summary

Daily Creates

This week I was only required to do 2 daily creates. This is my favorite quick and  creative moments of the week. I look forward to seeing the daily creates every day. Below is the link to the daily creates for this week.

Video Assignments

This week I have 2 choices for the video assignments, I could work by myself and do 12 stars worth of assignments from the Video assignment bank or form/join a group and make a video story. I didn’t see any groups forming so I did the 12 stars from the assignment bank. I spent several hours try to pick the right assignments to do. I know I do need more practice in the video making department but I did try new things and had fun. The below link is to the blog post about the assignments I completed this week.

Video Essay

This assignment scared me when I read it, it scared me the whole time I was completing it. It did get done but there is a lot of room for improvement. I did learn some new things about why and  how movies are filmed. I understand how the importance of the angle of the camera is and the background/foreground is presented. I will now be looking for these things in the movies and TV shows  I watch. I did learned a lot from this assignment. The following link will take you to my video essay blog.

Storytelling Within the Web Week 9

 Storytelling Within the Web assignment

This assignment introduced a new web tool, Mozzilla X-Ray Googles Tool. This allowed me to change a current website without having to learn coding. I was able to see how the website was constructed and make changes. Starting out with this tool was somewhat difficult for me but after playing with it a few times, I finally figured it out. I tried amazon sale items, craigslist items and then I finally found a book review that turned out the way I visioned it.

Small steps, I took my time and made changes one small section at a time. This way I could see the changes without getting overwhelmed if I didn’t like the changes. It was easier to modify small changes than it was to modify large sections. Maybe I have created a fictional best selling cookbook for Dragons.

I tried to tie this into my character that I have been creating all semester. I do believe that Fiery the Dragon would enjoy this Dragon Cookbook. It would help her to create amazing Dragon dinners for her and her relatives.

Here is a screenshot of the original book review page:

Here is the link to my version of this book review.

Daily Creates for Week 9

The real story behind this weeks Daily Creates. This is my favorite dog, his name is Taco. After I went to school, he decided to get on my laptop and explore the web. He is very creative and likes to create things online.

While Taco was searching the web for Halloween crafts, he came across this web page where he could make monsters. It sounded like a fun thing to do but, Taco learned to use the printer and printed out every monster he created. Instead of putting the pictures in a notebook, he glued them to the wall!! I was not very happy when I came home form school and my walls were plastered in creepy monsters.

After Taco plastered my walls with monsters, he went looking for pumpkin patterns. This year Taco decided he was going to help carve pumpkins. He wanted to get a head start and began looking for patterns for his pumpkins. He probably spent way to many hours looking at carved pumpkins. When I came home from class, I found these two pumpkins on my doorstep. Inside, the kitchen was a mess from pumpkin guts all over the place. There was not a clean spot in the kitchen, pumpkin guts were everywhere!!

It had been a long day for Taco and he wanted a hug. He searched online for human hugs and found the picture below!!! Free Hugs, it sounded nice until he noticed the chainsaw. Taco no longer wanted any hugs. Can you blame him? He needed to get this awful picture out of his mind. So he searched the web and found…..

These lovely ladies. He knew they could cast a spell on the red chainsaw guy and make him disappear. 1……2…..3….poof, the red chainsaw guy was gone!! Taco was once again happy and felt safe inside his home. He had a busy day and was tired. Taco got this favorite pillow and blanket, then curled in his favorite corner of the couch and slept.

I hope you have enjoyed the adventure of a very smart and curious dog named Taco. Thanks for reading.