Daily Creates for Week 9

The real story behind this weeks Daily Creates. This is my favorite dog, his name is Taco. After I went to school, he decided to get on my laptop and explore the web. He is very creative and likes to create things online.

While Taco was searching the web for Halloween crafts, he came across this web page where he could make monsters. It sounded like a fun thing to do but, Taco learned to use the printer and printed out every monster he created. Instead of putting the pictures in a notebook, he glued them to the wall!! I was not very happy when I came home form school and my walls were plastered in creepy monsters.

After Taco plastered my walls with monsters, he went looking for pumpkin patterns. This year Taco decided he was going to help carve pumpkins. He wanted to get a head start and began looking for patterns for his pumpkins. He probably spent way to many hours looking at carved pumpkins. When I came home from class, I found these two pumpkins on my doorstep. Inside, the kitchen was a mess from pumpkin guts all over the place. There was not a clean spot in the kitchen, pumpkin guts were everywhere!!

It had been a long day for Taco and he wanted a hug. He searched online for human hugs and found the picture below!!! Free Hugs, it sounded nice until he noticed the chainsaw. Taco no longer wanted any hugs. Can you blame him? He needed to get this awful picture out of his mind. So he searched the web and found…..

These lovely ladies. He knew they could cast a spell on the red chainsaw guy and make him disappear. 1……2…..3….poof, the red chainsaw guy was gone!! Taco was once again happy and felt safe inside his home. He had a busy day and was tired. Taco got this favorite pillow and blanket, then curled in his favorite corner of the couch and slept.

I hope you have enjoyed the adventure of a very smart and curious dog named Taco. Thanks for reading.

Week 8 Summary

Daily Creates

As the old New Yorker cartoon goes, “On the Internet, nobody knows you are a dog.” For today’s Daily Create, imagine what a tech savvy dog would do with its online access.

If my dog had access to the internet, he would order his favorite dog treats, steak and french fries. It is scary to think of all the food and dog toys my dog would order online. If he is smart enough to search the web and place and order, I hope he is smart enough to have a job to pay for all his new toys and food.

Future. Make an image that represents the potential of things to come.

I have learned that your future is yours to create. Planning and achieving goals now will help to create an incredible future. This is one of the many reasons I have returned to school to get  a masters in elementary education.

Who did it?

This was a big deal in the 1980’s. Who shot JR? I remember when this show was on the air. It was a big mystery that everyone was talking about. There were all sorts of items printed with the slogan “Who Shot JR?”.

This is my groups radio broadcast. The group I was in used a slack channel to communicate with each other. The time was divided up among the group members. We all made bumpers and created a story about our character. We posted all of this in the slack group. When everyone posted all of their recordings, the individual parts were combined into a radio broadcast. Communication was a key factor in making this broadcast come to life.  Everyone in my group worked hard and did a great job making this broadcast. I hope everyone who listens to this radio show enjoys it.

This week I learned more about voice recording  and what all goes into a radio broadcast. I was not looking forward to this group project, but I was pleasantly surprise with how this group project was done. I got to work with a group of talented students who all worked together to get this project completed. I am fortunate to have been in a group of hard working students.

Design Summary Week 6

This week was all about design. Daily creates were a lot of fun as usual. I did struggle with “Yourself As A Classic TV Star”, this was my biggest challenge this week. I had never put my face on someones  body in a picture.  The design category left me spending more time on the internet than usual. Trying to settle on one way to make a word cloud and maze. I did learn that there are many free sites to create word clouds, postcards, mazes and logos. These are ideas that I will keep and use in my future classroom. I am not just learning about digital storytelling, I am also learning new things that I will be able to use in my future classrooms.

I am starting to analyze the graphic designs in my life. The fonts, colors, symbols, balance and proportion just to name a few. This weeks lessons have taught me to look at things deeper than just face value. This has been another fun week in digital storytelling.

Design Thoughts Week 6


“Graphic design is message-sending into the brain.”  I really liked this quote from graphic designer Chip Kidd. I never really thought of a design as being a message to your brain. Designs can be anything from simple to complex, just depends on what the design is trying to portray. Simple design such as a circle symbolizes harmony and calm. Complex designs can be fun but also create chaos in the message which might confuse the reader. We are saturated with human designs, they are everywhere we look.  Design is just more than words on a page, its the style of font, the color and the size, placement and size of the shapes/pictures. All these elements together create eye-catching designs that are “message-sending”.

My world has always been full of graphic designs, which makes them a normal part of my every day life. I now look at graphic designs in a new way. I now like to analyze the graphic designs that I encounter. Looking at the adds and why the appeal to my children, the marketing strategies that are used for different products.

DesignBlitz Week 6



DesignBlitz. This assignment took a lot of creative thinking to get the right pictures. I do look at pictures, signs and advertisements in a different way.

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This sign photo is in the category of Metaphors and Symbols. This is a basic simple sign posted on the exit ramp. It is a single letter H with another sign below with an arrow. This is a simple way to alert motorist that the hospital is to the right. There are no words on this sign and it makes it easy for the driver to read the sign at a glance and know that there is a hospital near and the arrow points to the direction of the hospital. A letter and a symbol can tell a motorist a lot.

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Unity. This is a program form the Lambda Pi Eta induction ceremony. The program cover is brought together by the border that surrounds the text and picture. The picture is the main focus and is bigger, it draws your eyes to it. The words written towards the bottom explain the event in a black color font which matches the black ink border. The picture is outlined in bold black line which ties into the black border. Very little color is used, only to highlight various places in the picture. The color is light and almost fades into the white background.

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Rhythm. I have always been fascinated with this sign post from the first time I saw it on campus. The slats that stick out from the top all have the same design with sets the tone for rhythm. All slats have a pointed end that faces away from the pole. The city is closest to the pole and the mileage is at the end of the slat. This is why I believe this is rhythm.

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Typography. If you look at this coupon, it draws your eyes to the words FREE REGULAR SUB, DRINK & CHIPS because of the bold capital printed words. This grabs the readers attention before they read and realize that you have to buy one to get one free, which is written in the same font only its not in bold or all capitalized. Bold capital letters catch the readers attention before the “regular” writing does or should we say the details for getting that free sub. The bold letters make a statement for the free items and gets the readers interested in the product. Its a really good marketing strategy.



Week 6 Design Assignments 12 Stars

This week I needed to complete 12 stars from the Design Assignments. It was hard to pick the assignments I wanted to work on this week. all of them were fun and took a little time to figure out how to complete.

Character Word Cloud    2 Stars

I used words that relate to the character that I am creating for this class. Words all describe my little Dragon storyteller. I am excited to she how this character develops.

Destination Post Card        3 Stars

I created a postcard for the beach. The beach is one of the most relaxing places I think I have ever been. Unfortunately, I do not get to go to the beach enough. This is also my charters favorite place to go and be alone. She does some of her best creative thinking at the beach.

Create a logo that is simple but detailed.      4 Stars

This is the logo of my Character, she is a crazy storyteller. You never know what she is going to say, sometimes nice and sometimes rather rude.


Make a Maze.               3 1/2 Stars

I have never made a maze  before and though this would be interesting. Also, this could be a skill to use in my future classroom. This maze is large and might  not be suitable of all age groups but it can be adjusted. I did not realize how many free maze making websites that are available on the internet. I played with this maze maker site for quite a long time.

Week 6 Daily Creates

Daily Creates for the week.

First Create: What Has Bat Boy Been Doing Lately? He finally became an adult and is now know as BatDad. This was a challenge for me, I took me a while to figure out how I wanted to proceed with this Daily Create.  Since I am a mother, I took this to the family vision.

Second Daily Create of the week. Yourself As A Classic TV Star. I know right away which TV show I wanted to star in…lol My challenge was how to put my face into this picture. It was a trial and error situation. I finally did it, I hope to try this some more in the future.

Third Daily Create. Replace the Marshmallow man.

In the original movie Ghostbusters (maybe in the new one too, I haven’t seen it yet), a giant marshmallow man goes on a rampage in New York City because one of the Ghostbusters couldn’t completely empty his mind of all thoughts. That really is a pretty tough task, isn’t it?

For today’s Daily Create, tell or even show us what would be terrorizing New York if you were that Ghostbuster unable to completely empty your mind.


I am taking to computer programing classes this semester and on this day, things were not going like they were suppose to go. My coding was really not working like I wanted it to. Since this tweet, my coding issue has been solved and I am working on a new coding assignment.

Adventures in Audio Week 5 “tweet – along”

I participated to  my  first “tweet – along” Thursday night. I listened to ds106radio. The radio broadcast was Orsen Wells War of the Worlds. I learned about this broadcast in history class but  never took the time to listen to the radio broadcast until Thursday night. It was interesting how they used sound effects in the background to get the point across.  You could hear the panic of the crowns, sirens in the background, and dramatic music. There was  dead silence between scenes, and in my opinion it added to the creepiness of the broadcast. The  storytellers on the radio where very good actors. It was written with very descriptive details to help you vision the places and the action that was going on. This was a fun and interesting experience.

Weekly Summary – Week 4 – Picture the Myth

This week was about the photography, the visual side of digital storytelling. I analyzed my photography skills. My photography skill have plenty of room for improvements. I did have to look online for collage building sites. it was fun looking at all the different types of collages. I enjoyed making the digital collages. The visual assignments did cause me a few problems but my creative side did help.

Daily created where fun and didn’t take a long time to finish. My favorite one was the Doomsday Shelter. There were so many pictures and articles on the internet.

20 minute Photoblitz was a challenge and took some fast creative thinking to produce the pictures. This is an activity I would like to use in my elementary classroom when I become a teacher. There are so many ways this could be used in the classroom.

Another fun week of assignments in Digital Storytelling.

Becoming a Better Photographer – Week 4

Image result for clips from a movie about legends or myths

The above picture is from the movie Thor.

How many of the points below can you find? How do they impact the storytelling aspect of the image?

– selection

Myths and Legend. The ending scene of the battle with characters that are legends and or myths.

– contrast

There is a contrast between the characters in the foreground and the objects in the background. The characters are darker than the scenery in the background which created contrast between colors in this picture.

– perspective

This scene comes from the prospective of goodness over evil. Goodness always wins in the end. The characters are standing tall after the battle, showing that they are stronger than the evil forces in the movie.

– depth

This picture shows depth because the characters in the front are large and the scenery in the back seems to look like its farther away than the characters. Objects in the background are getting smaller to make them look farther away. This impacts the story by showing the battle was not a small task for the characters.

– balance

The colors in this scene help to balance out the subjects but the colors are subtle enough to create the ending scene of a battle. Colors can create a balance like in this scene or colors can make a picture seem off centered and non coherent. The colors are basically from the same family just in different hues, lights and darks, This creates a balance between the foreground and the background. Your eyes are not puled into the background but focused on the charters in the foreground.

– moment

This is a moment after a battle, after scene of the battle. The characters are standing strong, showing that they have conquered evil.

– lighting

The Characters in the foreground are darker than the scene in the background. The lighter part of the photo is the background and the characters in the foreground seem to have less light.

– foreground/background

Foreground has the characters standing tall and proud in darker colors. The background adds to the picture but is in lighter and faded colors. It shows the viewer the main characters and the battle that is over and has been won be the characters.


All of the above points work together to help turn this scene into a statement. The statement is, evil will always loose against the good guys.